Bean To Cup – Journey Of A Coffee Bean

Bean To Cup - Journey Of A Coffee Bean

“ One fine morning, I wake up to the chirping of birds and find myself at the edge of a coffee branch… Oh my, I am finally a coffee bean. I see a lot of others who look exactly like me.

We introduce ourselves and spend the day talking about how amazing our life is going to be and how we wish to enlighten humans’ days. We are taken care of by people, who check on us frequently and ensure that we are healthy.

Every day we see some of our friends being taken away from the tree. We see them happily jump in the baskets. I, along with my friends, wonder when our day would come.

One day, I see that my coat which has been green all this while has started to change its color to a beautiful bright red. Some of my friends from the same branch as I also have their red coats on now.

Days pass and finally comes the day where we are selectively handpicked, yes that means, I am one of those special beans. We jump out of joy into the baskets and dance all the way till our next stop.

We are now ready to spend weeks taking sunbath and get nicely dried up before we step into our spa – the mill. At the mill, our dry husks are removed, we are polished and given a nice beautiful look. Woah, I look all shiny and fab now.

Next is the big mission… yes we are all set to get roasted. As I and my friends are getting roasted at high temperatures, we experience a lot of changes. We see our pale green color turning into a nice brown color and smell rich aroma around us.

I now understand why we are loved by humans.

We are next ground into a fine powder. Now, I am not one, but a thousand little pieces, ready to spread joy.
I am packed and I am being bought by a lovely coffee lover. She takes me home, puts me inside her espresso machine, and brews me.

I am then poured into a nice white cup ( I feel royal). She then adds some of her other favorite ingredients and smiles at the aroma and taste I produce. She’s relaxed, satisfied, and happy. Her smile brings happy tears to me :’) My journey ends here…

“A proud little coffee bean”

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