Coffee Brewing: Different Ways To Brew The Best Mug Of Coffee

Coffee Brewing: Different Ways To Brew The Best Mug Of Coffee

Brewing a fresh mug of coffee is satisfying and relaxing (yes, yes, we can already see you craving for the aroma). There is a wide acceptance that manual brewing methods allow for better quality control and a superior coffee experience.

For many, it’s more fun and fascinating to have a hands-on approach with their brewing process rather than hitting a ‘brew’ button on a machine. Here are different brewing methods.

1) Filter Kaapi

This is the oldest and simplest form of coffee brewing. The instrument contains two parts. The upper, perforated vessel and the bottom vessel. Ground coffee is put into the upper vessel and hot water is poured over it. The brewed coffee is collected in the bottom vessel. Coarse coffee powder is the best choice for this brewing method.

2) Stove Top Espresso

Don’t have a few hundred bucks to spend on an espresso machine, but still looking for that espresso-shot-like-kick that comes from a pressurized brew? The stovetop espresso maker or the Moka pot is the next best thing. This method involves steam pressure. The coffee maker contains three chambers, the lower, middle and upper. Steam from the boiling water in the lower chamber rises to the middle chamber where the coffee powder is kept and finally gets collected at the upper chamber. If you’re an espresso lover, this is an absolute go to.

3) French Press

The French press is the unofficial mascot of home brewed coffee. They have been steeping coffee in households since before your grandparents were born. And it has a very loyal, cult following among the home barista community. In this method, ground coffee and water is soaked together and then pressed to drain the brewed coffee.

4) Aero Press

The Aero Press has a cult following among the traveling coffee community, and it looks more like a science project rather than a coffee brewer. But if you ask us; it’s the best thing that happened to coffee. And many people say it brews the best coffee they’ve ever tasted. Aero Press is more than just a new way to brew coffee, it’s now a cultural movement that is blooming.

5) Cold Drip Brew

Patience is an art well learnt with cold drip brewing. Cold, filtered water is slowly dripped over ground coffee and then it is collected slowly. But hey, the result is super amazing. Rich, fresh coffee that needs no enhancers. The good news is, it stays fresh for up-to two weeks, so forget brewing everyday.

So what do you think of those coffee brewing methods? Hopefully, you’ll have a few ideas of how you want to try your coffee next time!

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