9 Awesome Snacks To Pair With Your Cup Of Coffee

9 Awesome Snacks To Pair With Your Cup Of Coffee

Snacks are always an obsession for many people. Be it fried, baked or steamed, we love enjoying delicious food to have with our favorite drink. There are so many snacks which one can serve with our favorite cup of beverage. From sandwiches, donuts, cookies to dry snacks, there are several options to your friends and family to enjoy that one cup of tea. You can also serve these coffee snack combinations to your guests when they pay you a visit. Here are nine tasty snacks that make excellent travel and coffee companions.

1) Donuts

Donuts are the iconic foods to pair up with the coffee. They come in many shapes that can range from plain to decked out with all sorts of sprinkles. And also, icings, and glazes. In all cases, the sweetness of a good donut can perfectly offset a cup of coffee, especially one made more on the milky side. So, this will be the right snacks to have with your drink.

2) Egg And Cheese Sandwich

Soft fluffy omelet and gooey cheese sandwiched in between two grilled or toasted slices of bread. Isn’t your mouth watering already? This sandwich and coffee are simply made for each other. Easy to make and absolutely enjoyable to eat, you can’t give this combo a miss!

3) Spicy Peanuts

As strange as it may seem, this spicy and sweet flavor combination is surprisingly tasty. Pair these with a sweeter blend of coffee to get your obsession full-filled.

4) Chocolate Chip Cookies

They may not be the healthiest item on the list, but chocolate chip cookies are among the tastiest. Chocolate and coffee pair together excellently. If you’ve got a long commute in the morning, give yourself a little treat with this sweet combination.

5) Potato Wedges

Now, who does not like this wonderful crispy thing!. Long, chunky pieces of potato, crisp fried to perfection, that’s what we call paradise. Top it with some herbs, salt and pepper, and team it up with a cheesy or mayo dip. Warm potato wedges and a cup of steaming coffee. Well, what more can we ask for!

6) Dried Cranberries

This one feels amazingly delicious alongside a caramel mocha. Sprinkle a few on top of your whipped cream.

7) Coffee Cake

It’s hard to get any more obvious than this sweet cake with coffee right in its name. Coffee cake comes in a variety of flavors and textures, but all of them are tailor-made to be enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee.

8) Pistachio Granola

This combination of olive oil, honey, dark brown sugar, rolled oats and raw sunflower seed kernels is a delight. Finely chopped unsalted pistachios, kosher salt, cinnamon, vanilla and almond extracts, baked to perfection, is a scrumptious and super-healthy snacks to go with coffee. When you have this golden brown accompaniment, your cup of coffee will certainly taste better.

9) Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

When you’re carving for your hunger, keep the seeds and roast them up with some salt and cinnamon. These are perfect snacks for a boost of protein to go with your hot cup of coffee.

Coffee and snacks are made for each other. Without either, the other one is incomplete. Bored with the typical muffin that usually accompanies your coffee?. Try out these combo the next time when you are sipping your coffee.

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