Coffee History- The Complete Guide About The Existence Of The Drink

Coffee History- The Complete Guide To The Existence Of The Drink

Coffee history has so many facts surrounding around it. We all love coffee, don’t we? For some of us, it’s something we cannot start our day without. For some, a partner to keep us awake. And sane during those late night deadline accomplishments. For others, it’s a constant friend throughout the day.

Good or bad, high or low, coffee has got our back. But ever wondered how coffee came into existence?

Coffee History:

Coffee wasn’t originally consumed in the form we know today, as a hot beverage made from boiling water. This came into practice only around 1000 AD.
Until then, coffee was largely linked to medicinal and religious purposes by the Arabs. Soon the feeling of exhilaration from the caffeine of the drink. It became a sought-after side effect. And thus the story of coffee as a beverage began.


It is believed that coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia by Kaldi, a shepherd. The accidental discovery happened when one of his goats chewed on a red berry and became hyper active.

Later Kaldi examined the berries himself and came to the conclusion that it’s a heaven sent fruit. Whereas, when he claimed this discovery to his town mates. They called him possessed and the monks declared the berries to be evil. In the event, they threw the berries into fire. Soon after, the place was filled with rich coffee aroma.

One of them took the burnt fruits from the pit, mixed it with water and consumed the drink. It kept him awake all night. Seeing this extraordinary revelation, Ethiopians started talking great about it.
Over years, the Arabs carried the berries to their homeland and made the first modern brew. It was then called qahwa.
Later, Turks added spices and made energizing drinks with coffee.

While the Arabs and Turks have played major role in the coffee revolution, the Americans first invented flavoured coffee and modern day brewing techniques. And the revolution has still not stopped.

Plantations Around The World:

As demand for the beverage continued to spread, there was fierce competition to cultivate coffee outside of Arabia. The plants thrived and soon the Dutch had a productive and growing trade in coffee. They then expanded the cultivation of coffee trees to the islands of Sumatra and Celebes.

Today, coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages with over 400 billion cups consumed annually.

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