5 Oldest Coffee Shops In The World

5 Oldest Coffee Shops In The World

Old is gold. And when it comes to coffee, we always crave for a cup from magic hands. Coffee makes connections: to ourselves; to each other; to the world; and even to the past. Here are five of the oldest, most prominent coffee houses across the world, where our favorite beverage has been served and enjoyed in much the same way for, in some cases, hundreds of years. What will folks discuss over coffee in another hundred years? Here is a list of some of the 5 oldest coffee shops in the world.

1) Café La Procope, Paris (Since 1686)

Known to be one of the oldest cafes in Paris, the cafe was started by Sicilian chef Procopio cuto. The oldest operating cafe in Paris, and arguably one of the oldest in the world. Known for hosting revolutionaries and intellectuals such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

2) Caffe Florian, Venice (Since 1720)

This 300 year old coffee house in Venice was founded by Florian. During those days, when women were prohibited to enter public places, Caffe Florian was the only Cafe that allowed women to come and relax. This coffee shop had witnessed a lot of historical events and has played major role in second as a camp for the wounded during war. The only coffee house at the time that allowed women, which is why it may have attracted such famous patrons as Lord Byron, Proust, and Dickens. Alongside Cafe le Procope, it is the oldest continuously-operated coffee house in the world.

3) Caffe Greco, Rome (Since 1760)

Named after its Greek owner, caffe greco still serves as a haven for artists, writers, musicians, and poets. The oldest coffee shop, and some say most elegant, cafe in Rome. Known for hosting Keats, Shelley, Lord Byron (he got around), Goethe, Wagner, Lizst and Mendelssohn, among others.

4) Cafe central, Vienna (Since 1876)

Started in 1876, within a couple of decades, this coffee shop central became the hang out spot for intellects and meetings. Apart from selling coffee, the cafe hosts a lot of games and activities.

5) Caffe Reggio, New York City (Since 1927)

Founded by Dominico Parisi, Caffe Reggio first introduced Italian cappuccino to America. It has been a part of many movies in the Hollywood and has won a village award by Greenwich society for historic preservation.

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