A Definitive Guide To Coffee Culture Across The Countries

A Definitive Guide To Coffee Culture Across The Countries

Coffee culture significance varies from different communities of the world. There is no doubt coffee is among the widely consumed beverages around the world. With about 2 billion cups sold each day, coffee has clearly carved its own place in the lives of many.

Whereas some take it every morning to awaken their sleepy minds. As they get ready for work, others opt for the beverage in the midst of the day. Or in the evening when they need something. To refuel and energize their tired self for an extra round of work. Here is a look at how different communities view and enjoy their coffee around the world!

1) India:

Indians have enjoyed their coffee since the 17th century. When it was first introduced to the Southern region by a Sufi saint named Baba Budan. Today, you visit any home in the southern part of India. And you are bound to be greeted with a cup of filter coffee, commonly known as kaapi. Contrary to the drip machines you are familiar with.

2) Italy:

In Italy coffee culture, mainstay is usually consumed in the form of espresso. Al-banco in Italian, It’s that quick jolt of energy you need. And then you’re on your way. Italians drink Cappuccino only in the morning. The tradition of coffee drinking has been going for a long time in italy. Just look at how old their cafes are. Caffe Greco is the oldest café in Rome, founded in 1760. Florian in Venice is the oldest café in Italy.

3) Ethiopia:

They adore the beverage very much. You can tell by their cultural celebrations that involve coffee drinking. Such celebrations are common in Ethiopian families. After their evening meals. Yes, Ethiopians enjoy several rounds of a cup of Joe before going to sleep.

In fact, coffee brewing in Ethiopia involves a spiritual process that lasts not less than an hour. During the preparation of Bunna, the native term for coffee in Ethiopia, women will begin by washing the beans thoroughly in water. Then, they will rinse them clean and roast over a coal stove until they are dark.

4) Mexico:

Mexico is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world. Producing 60% of the world’s coffee. Coffee culture was introduced into Mexico during the nineteenth century. from Jamaica. Mexican coffee is mainly grown in the South near the Guatemalan border.

5) Saudi Arabia:

The Saudis have a specific etiquette when it comes to serving their coffee. Guests are served coffee or kawa from the right side, not left. In family gatherings, the father is served first. Then first-degree elders and relatives. Other guests will follow. If this is a high-profile gathering. Coffee serving follows the protocol of the offices represented.

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