Karam 100% Arabic Espresso Medium – Dark Whole Beans


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Karam 100% Arabic Espresso Medium – Dark Whole Beans Product Description:

Karam 100% Arabic Espresso Medium is a concentrated dark whole beans. And it comes up with a robust taste, that is further enriched with a deep complexity of flavours by the brewing process. A timeless coffee with a creamy and luscious crema. This product is available in 250 Gram Quantity.

History Of Espresso Coffee:

Espresso is a type of coffee made by brewing in a special way. And then under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. It has a higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids. Which makes it thicker and much stronger. Espresso has more caffeine per unit volume than most other types of coffee. Of which there are steam-driven machine, piston-driven pump-driven and air-pump-driven.


Unsurprisingly, espresso coffee was invented in Italy. The are an undisputed home of gorgeous coffee in pretty much every shape, size and form. Given the fact that it produced a robust cup of coffee pretty much in an instant, it became knows as an ‘express’ coffee-making method – hence ‘espresso’.

About The Taste Of Arabica Coffee:

Arabica is considered the merlot of coffee, it has a mild taste, and to coffee drinkers, it can be described to have a sweetness, that is light and airy, like the mountains it comes from. Well-known Italian coffee grower Ernesto Illy wrote in the June 2002 issue of Scientific American:

“Arabica is a medium-to low-wielding. Rather delicate tree from five to six meters tall that requires a temperate climate and considerable growing care. Coffee made from arabica beans has an intense, intricate aroma that can be reminiscent of flowers, fruit, honey, chocolate, caramel or toasted bread. Its caffeine content never exceeds 1.5 percent by weight. Because of its superior quality and taste, arabica sells for a higher price than its hardy, rougher cousin”​

Growing Preferences:

Arabica takes about seven years to mature fully. The plant can tolerate low temperatures, but not frost. Two to four years after planting, the arabica plant produces small, white, highly fragrant flowers. The sweet fragrance resembles the sweet smell of jasmine flowers.

After pruning, berries begin to appear. The berries are dark green like the leaves until they begin to ripen, at first to yellow and then light red and finally darkening to a glossy, deep red. The prize of the berries is the beans inside, usually two per berry.

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