Yellow Typica Honey


Fragrance: Orange and Chocolate

​Aroma: Citrus and Chocolate

​Acidity: Citric/Lime

​Body: Silky

​Flavor: Cocoa and citrus

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This variety is cultivated by Jairo Lopez, on the beautiful snow-capped mountains of the Combeyma canyon at the Tolima region, in soil made rich from ancient volcanic activity which adds to the uniqueness of this coffee.  Because of this richness this farm has consistently been selected for the finals of the Colombian competitions for specialty coffee.

Its delicate roasting gives this coffee a balanced profile with a rounded body that deploys floral notes on the palate. Its medium acidity evokes citric aromas that create an elegant and persistent taste in the mouth after tasting gave it 85 points in score for the Q Grader.


250 G


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